Gingrich, a candidate without a campaign


Let me finish tonight with the crazed Republican candidate field.

Donald Trump, Mitch Daniels, Haley Barbour, can’t keep up. It just keeps happening. They keep falling off the screen.

Now there’s Newt. His staff’s run off and left him sitting there writing blogs to show he’s still alive as a candidate - little literary “proofs of life” that he’s still running. 

Same thing happened when he was speaker. Realizing that he was not a leader, the Republicans pulled a coup. When it was ratted out, Newt survived, but only for a while. 

Now he’s a candidate without a campaign.  He’ll just hobble from one debate to the next like - saying quotable, provocative things - anything to set him off from the rest of the Republican pack. 

This is really what he’s good at - standing outside the building tossing pebbles up to the windows so that someone will notice him and open the door. 

He attacked the Republican Medicare plan to get attention.  Then he apologized for attacking it, and then he said he wasn’t talking about the plan. 

He got caught running up a quarter or half million dollar debt to a jewelry company and simply said “Talk to Tiffany’s.” 

But people who get elected to Congress and people who work in big-time campaigns are more serious than that. They’re not going to give up their lives for a person who’s not really running, who’s really just up there on that debating stage like a panelist on one of those old television quiz shows like “What’s my Line?” or “To Tell the Truth.”

No, Newt’s not “really” a candidate for president.  His staff did us the favor of seeing that first and saving people the trouble of discovering it for themselves.


Newt Gingrich

Gingrich, a candidate without a campaign