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Funny or Die takes on marriage equality


If you yearn for the politics parodies that Funny or Die provided during the 2012 election cycle, you’re in luck. The group recently joined forces with Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson with a unique pitch for marriage equality.

The actor and his fiancée, Justin Mikita, launched Tie the Knot, a charity organization focused on marriage equality.

It’s not the first time Tie the Knot has brought the comedy factor into the equation (need help mastering the art of tying a bow tie? Give their tutorial a try!), but this collaboration with Funny or Die might just be the most creative.

Former Star Trek actor and gay activist George Takei takes on the role of narrator, while Ferguson and company dive into the realm of a wholesome, 1950’s-style television series.

Turns out Dale, the threatening character introduced by Takei,  lives by phrases like “pro-family” and “traditional marriage.” Spoiler alert: that stuff doesn’t go over too well with the neighbors.

“This is a typical American neighborhood. Friendly faces and quiet streets,” Takei begins. “But there is one person living on this street whose orientation threatens to destroy society.” This time it’s the remaining homophobic person still living in the neighborhood.

Sure, there are the stereotypical references to Broadway musicals and big gay weddings, but the message is unmistakable. As the polls show, support for marriage equality is on the rise. As of Tuesday, with the vote in Delaware, 11 states have legalized gay marriage.

Just last week, NBA veteran Jason Collins became the first major league sports player to come out as gay. Collins was applauded by other players, fans, and even the president and Mrs. Obama.

If you thought 1950’s television would never quite work if adapted for today’s culture (or if you just want a good laugh), this one’s definitely worth a watch.

Funny or Die takes on marriage equality