Examining Bush’s legacy in ‘The Decider: A Hardball Documentary’


In “The Decider,” Chris Matthews takes an in-depth look at the eight-year Presidency of George W. Bush. The documentary, a creative collaboration between Hardball and msnbc’s Long Form unit and produced by Peacock Productions, writes history’s first draft of the Bush Presidency. The program will premiere in the Hardball slot at 5 and 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 29.

The film is based on Bush’s quote from 2005, “I’m the decider and I decide what’s best.” It proceeds to put under the microscope six key decisions the Decider made (or didn’t make): the decision to invade Afghanistan; the decision to invade Iraq; the in-decision over Katrina; the decision to surge troops in Iraq; his decisions on Supreme Court nominations and finally, his decisions during the current financial crisis.

As former White House spokesman, Ari Fleischer observes, “There’s really been nothing that’s been quiet about the last eight years.Š And the reigning question is, will history show, also, that he made the right decisions? “Š

One of the key decisions the film focuses on is the invasion of Iraq – which most feel will define his Bush’s Presidency.Š Says Matthews, “President George W. Bush made a personal decision to take this country to war. He invaded and occupied Iraq based on his own volition. It was an elective war for which he alone can be held accountable. What’s fascinating is his willingness to accept that accountability.”Š

To tell the story of the decision-making process in the Bush White House, the film interviews key Bush insiders as well as seasoned journalists and political observers who documented the Bush years.Š
Watch a preview video of the documentary below – What Bush will be remembered for: Former White House speechwriter David Frum discusses President Bush’s legacy.

Examining Bush's legacy in 'The Decider: A Hardball Documentary'