Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to a fund raising event at a golf course in the Bronx borough of New York, July 6, 2015. 
Photo by Seth Wenig/AP

Donald Trump: The Ringmaster on the Right

Let me finish with a bit of pure American politics.

Like it or not, buy Donald Trump or not, the performance he put on in that televised interview was political gold.

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Trump did what other politicians are not doing: connecting to tens of millions of American people.

He’s doing it by blasting the professional politicians for not doing what they should be doing, for not creating a workable, honest immigration system, for not honoring a workable, honest way to protect their money.

People want to know that the people at the top are looking out for them, caring for this country the way they would: protecting the country from illegal immigration, protecting their tax dollars. Right now, they don’ t think the big shots in either party are doing either.

Trump is onto something. He’s saying terrible things about people coming across the border from Mexico. They’re coming here to work…work hard. He’s suggesting most of them are criminals.

But what he’s right about is that the politicians are doing nothing to stop the flow of people coming here illegally.

And because they’re failing, he is succeeding.

I have a lesson for the Republicans, because they are the people who will pay the immediate and perhaps long-term price for the outrageous stuff Trump is saying. It’s that if they don’t get serious about passing the Senate immigration bill, Trump will be the only game in town for those angry about illegal immigration. If they don’t pass this measure which includes tough new rules about hiring, that ensure American employers are not hiring people here illegally, Donald Trump will not only create a circus in the Repubican party; he will be the ringmaster!