WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 09: Texas Gov. Rick Perry addresses the the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) February 9, 2012 in Washington,...
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CPAC seminars: from health care to scandal

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With only three days to explore conservative roots and so many events going on, what is a conservative to do? Fear not–here is a list of the top seminars this weekend at CPAC focusing on the major issues facing our country.

1. Health Care – “Healthcare After ObamaCare: A Practical Guide for Living When No One Has Insurance and America Runs Out of Doctors.” This special seminar comes in not one, but two parts.

2. Scandal – If you’re more interested in Rep. Darrell Issa’s, R-Calif., ongoing investigation of the IRS, then maybe  “IRS Targeting Scandal: Protecting the Voice of the People (Sponsored by Tea Party Patriots)” is for you.  If you love hearing about the saga surrounding the NSA and Edward Snowden, check out “The Death of American Privacy: Does it Matter if the Government Records Every Phone Call, E-mail and Text You Send?”

3. Environment – Take time to get out of Washington, D.C.’s blustery cold to take in “What’s the Deal with Global Warming?”

4. Gun Control – With the NRA sponsoring this year’s CPAC, “More Guns, Less Crime: How Law Enforcement is Beginning to Embrace a Well-Armed Civilian Population” should be a popular choice for attendees.  

Some other seminar options include “The American Dream vs. The Obama Nightmare: Income Inequality” and “Rocky Mountain High: Does Legalized Pot Mean Society’s Going Up In Smoke?”

From marijuana to Obamacare to gun control, it promises to be an interesting three days in Washington.



CPAC seminars: from health care to scandal