Congressman claims ‘bigamy’ for annulment

Rep. Alan Grayson serving in the 111th Congress
Rep. Alan Grayson serving in the 111th Congress
Evan Vucci/AP

Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida filed for an annulment yesterday from his wife of 24 years.

Why an annulment and not a divorce? The congressman claims his wife tricked him into a “bigamous marriage.” According to court documents, Grayson says his wife Lolita was “still legally married to another man at the time of their purported marriage.”

Grayson and his wife were married in 1990, but the congressman claims she was still legally wed from a previous marriage in 1984. Grayson also says that Lolita “secretly participated” in a divorce from that marriage in 1994, leaving four years where she was married to both men.

This is not the first time the couple’s marriage has made headlines. Lolita Grayson filed a restraining order in March after she accused her husband of injuring her during a domestic dispute. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office later concluded its investigation without filing charges against the congressman. 


Congressman claims 'bigamy' for annulment