Coming up on Hardball…Who let the dogs out?


Who let the dogs out? Mitt! He unleashed his attack dogs today, top surrogates John Sununu and Jim Talent, to criticize Newt’s record. Plus Chris Christie is back in the spotlight on Romney’s behalf. Is Mitt getting nervous as Newt overtakes him in the polls? We’re talking to msnbc’s Steve Schmidt and the Eisenhower Institute’s Jennifer Donahue about it.


Next up: The Bright Side. Last night on Hardball we covered Mitt’s criticism of President Obama’s Israel policy, calling it “appeasement”…and tonight, we’re showing you Obama’s total-shutdown response. Tonight we’re looking at the good news for President Obama: Improved jobs numbers, health care savings, and minority support, to name a few. Author and political commentator Ron Reagan and msnbc’s Eugene Robinson will weigh in.


As Newt rises in the GOP field, why is the Class of ’94—the Congressmen and women who served while Newt was Speaker of the House—keeping quiet? Do they know something we don’t? We’re asking the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein.


Plus: “The Right Fights Back,” the new e-book by Politico’s Mike Allen and Newsweek’s Evan Thomas, is full of juicy 2012 nuggets! The authors are playing  Hardball tonight. 

Coming up on Hardball...Who let the dogs out?