Coming up on Hardball…Is Cain able?


Could this be the end of the line for the Cain train? The candidate’s campaign has taken a beating and Cain told a campaign conference call today that he was “reassessing” his campaign. Does that mean his campaign is on its last legs? The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank ad Politico’s Jim VandeHei join us with the latest.


Then—if Cain loses, who wins? Which 2012 candidate would sweep up his votes? The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and USA Today’s Susan Page will make some predictions.


The DNC has Romney in its sites, judging by the organization’s ads in New Hampshire. But is it smart strategy to start going after Romney so early in the race? We’ll ask author and political commentator Ron Reagan and Politico’s Joe Williams.


Plus—Frankly speaking… catch Chris’s commentary on longtime Rep. Barney Frank’s departure. 

Coming up on Hardball...Is Cain able?