Coming up on Hardball…Down goes Newt!


It looked like he was speeding toward wins in the January primaries… but now it looks like Newt has not only peaked, but is crashing! And who’s picking up his votes? Ron Paul! The GOP field’s switcheroo is our top story tonight with msnbc’s Howard Fineman and Southern Illinois University’s David Yepsen.


We’re watching the House vote tonight on the payroll tax cut compromise, so stay with Hardball for the latest! The Senate passed a two-month extension of the cut, but now the House GOP is balking. Will this be the breaking point between the establishment GOP and the Tea Party? We’ll talk to Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA).


Newt’s got a new idea: If you don’t like the judge’s decision, arrest him! Is he serious, or is it just a dog-whistle to the Republican base? George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley joins us with Fmr. Rep. JC Watts (R-OK), who endorsed Newt today.


Plus, the latest on the Penn State scandal with Daily Beast Contributor Buzz Bissinger and candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane

Coming up on Hardball...Down goes Newt!