Coming up on Hardball…Amnesty for Newt?


Here’s the question coming out of last night’s debate: Will the Republican Party grant Newt amnesty after learning his stance on immigration? The former Speaker ditched the “Send ‘em home!” party line in favor of allowing some illegals to stay. Will the Right stand with him–or should he worry about losing his frontrunner status? msnbc’s Jonathan Alter and TIME’s Michael Scherer join us to discuss.


Next up: Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith. It’s been the subject of scrutiny these past few months and polls show it’s an issue for Republican voters. But could it be that Romney’s religion is only a factor in the primaries? A new Pew poll shows that in a Romney-Obama match up, Romney’s faith becomes less of a sticking point for GOP voters. We’ll talk it over, plus the latest 2012 news, with Politico’s Joe Williams and msnbc’s Richard Wolffe.


NBC National Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff and Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell are here to discuss the latest on the Penn State scandal…including news about two new Sandusky victims.


Ever wonder why the infighting on the Hill seems to be at an all-time high? A study of congressional voting records shows that the number of moderates in the Senate has gone from 60 in 1982 to…wait for it…a grand total of zero today. Who’s to blame– the elected officials, or we the people who elected them? National Journal’s Matt Cooper joins us tonight with the story.

Coming up on Hardball...Amnesty for Newt?