Coming up on Hardball… Mitt v. Newt!


And then there were two.  And with these two, the battle for the Republican nomination could be long and it could be nasty. Our new NBC-WSJ poll shows that Newt could win the nomination…but not the Presidency. Newsweek’s Peter Boyer penned this week’s cover story on Newt and University of Georgia Visiting Professor Cynthia Tucker covered Newt for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


Don’t miss Newt’s greatest hits! From his “patriotism” to his self-proclaimed “celebrity” status, we’ve got the former Speaker’s top five moments. The Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson and Dana Milbank join us. 


Next up: NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel and Washington Post Associate Editor and author of “Imperial Life in the Emerald City” Rajiv Chandrasekaran join us for an update on the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.


Plus: Vietnam Vet Bob Garon is a gay independent voter who happened upon Mitt Romney in a New Hampshire diner. They had a heated conversation about same-sex marriage…Garon will tell us about it tonight.   

Coming up on Hardball... Mitt v. Newt!