Coming up on Hardball… Face off!


Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are going head-to-head in the battle for the Republican nomination. And their fight is being played out in new ads that are flooding the airwaves in upcoming Primary states. We’ll show you the latest ads and poll numbers and break the battle down with Former Huckabee campaign manager Chip Saltsman and msnbc Political Analyst Joan Walsh.


We saw a new spring in President Obama’s step today during his Milwaukee stump speech. Has the GOP infighting turned out to benefit him? A new NYT/CBS poll shows his approval rating hit the 50 percent mark. We’ll talk about the road ahead with NBC Chief White House Correspondent and Political Director Chuck Todd and National Journal White House Correspondent Major Garrett.


Next up: Is it time for Republicans to hit the panic button? A new Wall Street Journal story shows Newt’s moneyman Sheldon Adelson is angling to boost Gingrich, thereby drowning Santorum and fueling Romney’s win for the nomination, which a source in the Journal article says is Adelson’s ultimate chess move. Is this what’s meant when people say that the GOP field is “taking shape?” We’re asking msnbc Political Analyst David Corn and GOP Strategist Ed Rogers.


Plus: After Iran touted advances in its nuclear program, Europe instituted sanctions to stop Iran’s program. Now Iran is threatening to impose an oil embargo in retaliation. What does this mean in terms of national security…and the price of gas here at home? We’ll have a live update from NBC News Correspondent Ali Arouzi in Tehran, then talk with author Robin Wright.

Coming up on Hardball... Face off!