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Is President Obama “a snob” for being in favor of college? That’s what Rick Santorum said. Santorum and the culture wars is our top story tonight, with GOP Strategist John Feehery and msnbc Political Analyst Eugene Robinson.


Next up: Does Mitt Romney follow NASCAR? “Not as closely as some of its most ardent fans. But I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners.” Yes, that’s what he said. We’ll talk about why Mitt still has trouble connecting with the people…and how the races in Michigan and Arizona are shaping up. msnbc Political Analysts David Corn and Mark Halperin join us tonight.


Then: Comedian and host of “Real Time” Bill Maher joins us tonight to talk about his one million dollar donation to the Pro-Obama SuperPAC!

Plus: The GOP candidates are criticizing President Obama after he apologized for the recent Quaran burning in Afghanistan. We’ll talk about that episode, plus the state of US involvement in Afghanistan, tonight with US Army Capt. (Ret.) Wes Moore and Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME). 

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