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The new jobs numbers are in and they’re better than expected: Unemployment dropped to 9.1 percent and 117,000 jobs were created in the month of July. While the stats are higher than economists predicted, they’re lower than many had hoped. Are we headed for a double-dip recession? CNBC’s Jim Cramer is here to report. And it’s clear what President Obama has to do about the economy to win reelection…but how can he do it? We’ll ask democratic strategist Bob Shrum.


Jobs, jobs, jobs: It’s the word on every 2012 candidate’s lips, but this country needs a jobs program now. Tune in to hear The Chris Matthews Jobs Program tonight. Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) and Washington Post Columnist Eugene Robinson are here to discuss.


Then: Rick Perry is set to stage his massive prayer summit this weekend at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. But some are calling the event’s sponsor a hate group. Is it smart for Perry, so close to a Presidential run, to be associating with the far-right fringe? And what about separation between church and state? We’ll turn to Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, and Barry Lynn, Executive Director of The Americans United for Separation for Church and State.


And we’ll finish tonight with a very important update on the deteriorating situation in Somalia. NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel joins us live from Mogadishu tonight.   

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