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President Obama’s bus tour through the Heartland is meant to get him back in the game, but will it be enough to win over voters? Obama says he’ll unveil a jobs plan in September…but what is he waiting for? Sean Smith served as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security in the Obama administration. Read his piece “Let Obama Be Obama” in Politico here and catch him on tonight’s show, with Pulitzer prize winning syndicated Columnist Cynthia Tucker.  


Then: Since announcing his candidacy for President, Rick Perry has been grabbing all of the headlines. Radio talk show host Jim Hightower  - who ran against Perry for Texas Agriculture commissioner in 1990— joins us tonight with Dallas Morning News Senior Political Columnist Wayne Slater to tell us more about the political mettle of the Governor of Texas.


Next up: Pay-per-view Congress! At least two Republican congressmen are charging constituents to ask questions at town halls! Politico’s Ken Vogel and author and political commentator Ron Reagan are here to discuss.


And don’t miss The Hardball Strategists! Todd Harris and Steve McMahon are back to talk about whether the Republican Party has gone too far to the right, and the reports that Congressman Paul Ryan is seriously considering a run for president. Don’t miss this show!             

Coming up on Hardball...