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Khaddafy’s last stand? With news that rebels have seized control of nearly all of Tripoli, all eyes are on Libya and its dictator Moammar Khaddafy. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk joins us from the Tunisia-Libya border with the latest. And Al-Arabiya’s Washington Bureau Chief Hisham Melham is here to report on what happens next.


Then, the politics of Libya. President Obama met heavy criticism for the U.S.’s role in Libya. Could news of Khaddafy’s likely ouster validate U.S. involvement? msnbc Political Analyst Howard Fineman and U.S. Institute of Peace Senior Fellow Robin Wright are here to discuss what kind of credit President Obama will get.


Next up: Mind games. If you close your eyes while Rick Perry is speaking, who can you imagine hearing? With the Texas twang and the “don’t mess” rhetoric, Perry’s voice is a shoe-in for another Texas Governor with big aspirations: Former President George W. Bush. Is America ready for another Texas two-step toward the White House? We’ll ask msnbc Political Analyst Richard Wolffe and Dallas Morning News Senior Political Writer Wayne Slater.


And last up on the GOP 2012 front: Republican Jon Huntsman’s got some fightin’ words for the GOP frontrunners! From attacking Perry on his comments about science and Fed. Chair Ben Bernanke, to criticizing Romney’s “inconsistencies,” Huntsman—who is trailing in the polls—is starting to play it tough. Will it help him make a name for himself with independents? TIME’s Michael Crowley and Salon’s Steve Kornacki will weigh in.


And tune in tonight to hear guest host Ron Reagan’s thoughts on a Republican fact check when it comes to science.


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