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Oh no he didn’t! Speaker John Boehner last night made the first-ever public rejection of a Presidential request to address a Joint Session of Congress. If these two can’t compromise on scheduling, is there any hope for a bipartisan jobs plan? Now Obama’s base is frustrated that the White House folded, and the GOP has come off as petty. And it steals attention from the jobs crisis, and puts the spotlight back on partisan bickering. We’ll update you on last night’s developments and decode the finger-pointing between the White House and the  Speaker’s office, with The Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page and the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein.


How can Obama win in 2012? That’s the million dollar question. Next year, Obama’s 2008 message of hope and change won’t take root in the stagnant economy, so what tactics will his campaign employ to stay in the White House? Will No Drama Obama take off the gloves and fight for his job? We’ll discuss with msnbc Political Analyst Howard Fineman and U.S.A. Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page.


Nearly ten years after 9/11, are we safer? The 9/11 Commission created 41 recommendations for U.S. security, and today, the U.S. still falls short on nine of them. From intelligence reform to first responder communication to cyber terrorism, we’ll examine the current deficiencies in U.S. security and the threat to the U.S. with msnbc Terrorism Analysts Roger Cressey and Evan Kohlmann.


With unemployment at 9.1 percent, Obama’s jobs plan is the subject of much speculation—particularly, whether the President stand up for unions. And if he doesn’t, will unions still campaign for him or stay home on election day? We’ll ask President of the Teamsters Union Jimmy Hoffa about the pulse of the labor movement in America.  

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