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Trouble in River City! New poll numbers are in, and they don’t bring good news for President Obama. A majority of voters are pessimistic about his jobs plan and the country’s economic recovery. Is less than fourteen months enough time for the White House to turn it around? We’ll talk about it tonight with msnbc Political Analyst Howard Fineman and USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page.


If Michele Bachmann needed to make headlines in Monday’s Republican debate to stay in the conversation, she knocked Perry on the right topic: the HPV vaccine he required 12 year old girls to get in his state. But has Bachmann taken it too far? She spread the idea that the vaccine caused mental retardation, and it’s not her first flub when it comes to science. Plus: Does powerhouse political consultant Ed Rollins still work for Michele Bachmann’s campaign? Find out when he plays Hardball tonight.  


The U.S. Census returned some grim news: Nearly one in six Americans is living below the poverty line. What’s the root cause of this crisis—President Obama’s economic policy or the Bush tax cuts of the last decade? We’re asking Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and msnbc’s Eugene Robinson.


And a talent for running brought Carl Lewis to the Olympics…but can his upcoming political race bring him to the New Jersey State Senate? After much deliberation over a residency dispute, Lewis is officially in the race. He plays Hardball tonight. 

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