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Pay-to-Play Politics! Gov. Rick Perry said in  Monday night’s debate that he can’t be bought for $5,000… but can he be bought if the price is right? Will this alleged political corruption be a theme in Perry’s campaign? NBC’s Michael Isikoff investigated Perry’s history of crony capitalism, and he’s reporting live on Hardball tonight, with Dallas Morning News Sr. Reporter Wayne Slater.


New poll numbers are dismal, but if President Obama plans on staging a comeback, Democratic Strategist James Carville has three words of advice for him: “Fire. Indict. Fight.” How can Obama turn it around? We’re asking Fmr. San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown (D) and Democratic Strategist Michael Feldman.


Don’t know much about history… Amid recent comments about creationism, global warming, and the effects of vaccines, the Republican candidates are looking not-so-sharp on science. Do they run the risk of branding the GOP as the Know-Nothing Party? Fmr. RNC Chair Michael Steele and msnbc’s Alex Wagner will discuss tonight.


And last up: Time for Obama to sell his jobs plan. Will republicans buy it? Is America listening? We’re asking GOP Strategist Todd Harris and Democratic Strategist Steve McMahon. 

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