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msnbc Political Analyst Howard Fineman and Salon Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh join us tonight on President Obama’s speech at the U.N. today, and Gov. Rick Perry’s criticism of Obama’s Mideast policy.


Then: Did President Obama make the right move to go Left? The base is pleased, but Democratic Strategist Mark Penn says Obama runs the risk of losing independents. New polls are in, and we have the latest for you with Penn and msnbc Political Analyst David Corn.


Up next: The execution of Troy Davis. He was convicted of killing an off-duty police officer in 1989, and his execution is set for tonight in Jackson, Georgia. Barry Scheck, Co-Director of the Innocence Project, and syndicated columnist Cynthia Tucker are here to discuss the case. And stay tuned to msnbc tonight in the 7 PM ET hour, when “Hardball” will follow this story live with msnbc’s host of PoliticsNation, Rev. Al Sharpton.


Plus: Meet a job creator who creates no jobs! We’ll hear from The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank tonight. 

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