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Anybody but Romney! That’s the call from the Tea Party, even after Romney’s solid debate performance against Gov. Rick Perry in Florida last week. And who did Florida Republicans favor in the weekend’s straw poll? Neither of the frontrunners…Instead, businessman Herman Cain won 37 percent of the vote in the Sunshine State, more than Romney and Perry combined. We’ll talk with msnbc Political Analysts Howard Fineman and Michael Steele tonight about who the Tea Party is looking for.


Could Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) be the Tea Party’s cup of tea? He’s said publicly that he’s not running, but he’s still being courted by GOP powerbrokers—and he’s still taking their calls. And late breaking today: Fmr. N.J. Gov. tom Kean says that Christie is very seriously considering a run. Will he get in the race or won’t he? We’re asking Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and msnbc Political Analyst Michael Smerconish tonight.


Stop complaining and get back to work! President Obama gave his marching orders to the Congressional Black Caucus Saturday night, and he had a few tough words for the 2012 candidates this weekend as well. So much for No Drama Obama: This candidate’s out there and he’s swinging! msnbc Political Analysts David Corn and Alex Wagner are here to discuss.


Plus: In Praise of Extremism. Frank Rich writes in New York Magazine “What good did bipartisanship ever do anybody?” He’s calling for President Obama to move to the left or risk the election. Is that the right strategy? We’ll ask msnbc Political Analysts Chris Cillizza and Richard Wolffe tonight. 

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