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Twin Teases playing hard to get! Republicans are pining for the ones who just won’t commit: Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. But the questions surrounding Christie and Palin aren’t a simple case of will they-or-won’t they. How desperate does the GOP have to be to be begging new candidates to get into the field? What does that say about the current lineup? For that we’re going to The Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman and Salon’s Joan Walsh.


Who’s winning the political battle for “class warfare?” There are two sides to this coin: Republicans say President Obama’s economic policy is a war on the upper class, but Republican fiscal policy has historically favored the rich.  So is President Obama engaging in class warfare or is he volleying back the ball? It’s a debate for The Hardball Strategists, Todd Harris and Steve McMahon.


Deep in the heart of Texas: Mimi Swartz, Executive Editor or Texas Monthly, writes in the New York Times Sunday magazine that Texans are wary of Gov. Rick Perry’s shadow, and that shadow is the memory of Fmr. Gov.-turned-President George W. Bush. Swartz joins us tonight with Dallas Morning News Sr. Reporter Wayne Slater on Perry’s Texas-sized problem.


Plus: Author Ron Suskind on his red hot book Confidence Men—the one that’s got the White House up in arms. Tonight he’ll respond to the White House criticism, right here on “Hardball.” Don’t miss it! 

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