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President Obama is selling his jobs plan…does his sales pitch include daring Republicans to explain to their constituents why they won’t pass the plan? And can he muster grassroots support he needs to win in 2012? msnbc Political Analyst Howard Fineman and New York Magazine National Affairs Editor John Heilemann are here to discuss.


Next up: Occupy Wall Street. Can President Obama harness the anti-Wall Street anger and channel it into political gain? Can he—and does he want to—become the movement’s leader? We’re asking Fmr. White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers and the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank.  


Then: Palin, OUT. So is the GOP field now set? And will the Tea Party allow someone outside their ranks to become the nominee? Huffington Post Contributor Jennifer Donahue, Republican Strategist Mark McKinnon are here to talk it about it.


And finally: Steve Jobs, a life well lived. Is his unique story of success—a man with a big idea and a garage to build it in—still possible in America? Historian Doug Brinkley weighs in tonight. 

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