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Pastor Robert Jeffress, a Rick Perry supporter, made waves this weekend when he called Mormonism—the religion of Perry’s 2012 rival Mitt Romney—a cult and when he said that Romney is not a Christian. What did he mean by “cult?” Should religion be a test on the road to the White House? Pastor Jeffress joins us tonight.


Furthermore, is there a bit of political strategy at play here? By calling out Romney’s minority faith, do critics paint him as an outcast? We’re asking msnbc Political Analyst David Corn and GOP Strategist Ed Rollins.  


Next up: The Occupy Wall Street protests are gaining momentum, but how well do people understand this movement, the participants, and their goals? Today we’ll talk GOP Strategist Ron Christie and Salon’s Steve Kornacki—they have different views on the protests and tonight, they’ll go head to head.


And finally, Washington Post reporter Scott Wilson writes of “Obama, the Loner President.” Where are the President’s allies these days, as he’s taking criticism from all sides? Wilson and The Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson are here to discuss.  

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