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Tomorrow Mitt, Rick, and Newt will take the fight for the GOP nomination to Mississippi and Alabama. msnbc Political Analyst Chris Cillizza and University of Georgia Visiting Professor Cynthia Tucker are here to discuss.


Next up: Is the Democrats’ attempt to refocus the contraception controversy as a “GOP War on Women” working? And is it a sound strategy to claim the women’s vote in November? We’re asking msnbc Political Analyst David Corn and Huffington Post contributor Jennifer Donahue.


Then: The weekend’s tragic shooting rampage by a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan could be a game changer for the war effort and the safety of the troops on the ground. We’ll get a live report from NBC Correspondent Atia Abawi in Kabul and we’ll discuss the implications with Brookings Senior Fellow Michael O’Hanlon.  



Plus, U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain Louis Susman joins us tonight to talk about President Obama’s foreign policy. 

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