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Is the death of Moammar Khaddafy a validation of President Obama’s “leading from behind” war strategy? NBC Foreign Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin and New York Magazine’s National Affairs Editor John Heilemann join us tonight.


Plus, catch the Hardball Strategists, Todd Harris and Steve McMahon, for an update on the Perry v. Romney ad wars and how each party can embrace the Occupy Wall Street movement.


Next up: Space Invaders! Who wins politically when debaters invade personal space? We’re looking at this week’s debate and memorable moments from debates past with author and political commentator Ron Reagan and msnbc’s Alex Wagner.


And don’t miss the latest on an Alabama anti-immigration law—what will it mean for the GOP… and for Hispanic voters in 2012? GOP Strategist John Feehery and Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank will tell us tonight. 

Coming up on Hardball...