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Re-Boot Hill! Rick Perry is revamping his campaign and that means doubling down on birtherism, a flat tax policy, and his number one rival, Mitt Romney. We’ve got the latest tonight with msnbc’s Howard Fineman and the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank.


In Politico today, columnist Roger Simon argues that President Obama is due credit for his foreign policy successes—and that the public isn’t willing give him the recognition. Simon and NBC Terrorism Analyst Evan Kohlmann are here to discuss the Libyan revolution, the bin Laden mission, and the end to the Iraq War—and how the American public has been responding to the President’s successes abroad in the shadow of a dark economy at home.


Yes, he Cain! Herman Cain is still leading the GOP field, but how serious is he about becoming President—especially after signing off on this ad? We’re asking Politico’s John Harris and msnbc’s Eugene Robinson.


Plus: What happens when President Obama and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell square off over the fight to fund teachers, firefighters, and police? Find out tonight with Salon’s Joan Walsh.


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