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Herman Cain is trying to bat down the sexual harassment claims that are plaguing his candidacy, but instead, his contradictory statements are adding fuel to the fire. We’ll have the latest on the situation with Politico’s Alex Burns and Washington Post’s Dana Milbank.


Next up: The Three Ring Circus! The GOP clown show kicked off with flame-thrower Donald Trump, and look where we are now: Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping over issues, Rick Perry’s trying to walk back a few bad debate performances, and we’re left wondering who’ll be the next ringleader if this scandal kicks Cain off his horse. Author and political commentator Ron Reagan and Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum join us tonight.


Then: President Obama’s secret weapon is none other than his onetime chief rival, Hillary Clinton. As Secretary of State, she’s enabled some of the administration’s greatest victories, and a new story in the Washington Post details her critical role in the ouster of dictator Moammar Khaddafy. Could she be Obama’s strongest political partner heading into the 2012 election? We’re asking msnbc Political Analyst Chris Cillizza and Salon Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh.


Plus: Is the GOP ready for an African-American nominee? It’s a weighty question, and we’re tackling it tonight with GOP Strategist Ron Christie and Chicago Tribune Columnist Clarence Page. Tune in! 

Coming up on Hardball...