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Oops, he did it again! Rick Perry’s 52-second stumble is dominating headlines today after last night’s CNBC debate. Is this the last straw for his struggling campaign…and will he soon be Texas toast? We’re asking msnbc Political Analyst and Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt and Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum.


And if Perry’s sinking, who is poised to pick up his followers? Could the 2012 field be on the brink of a Newt Gingrich mini-surge? That’s a question for msnbc Political Analyst John Heilemann and the Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson.


We’re following the developments in the Penn State sexual abuse scandal with msnbc Political Michael Smerconish, who wrote “Why didn’t the assistant coach who witnessed a 2002 sex assault intervene?” in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, and with author and Vanity Fair Contributor Buzz Bissinger, who wrote “Good Riddance, Joe Paterno” in the Daily Beast today.


Plus: Today marks the release of the long-buried Nixon tapes, in which the former President defends his legacy and speaks out on his secret grand jury testimony. Legendary reporter Carl Bernstein, who broke the Watergate scandal, and Nixon Library Director Timothy Naftali will share the news from the tapes. 

Coming up on Hardball...