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Newtron bomb! Is Newt Gingrich poised to be the GOP field’s next leader? Rick Perry’s numbers are sinking after last week’s debate brain freeze, and Herman Cain’s support is wavering in light of sexual harassment allegations. Does it all add up to a Newt surge…and if it does, will he be the GOP’s Anti-Romney? We’re taking a look at the latest poll numbers and asking Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris and msnbc Political Analyst David Corn.


The Penn State scandal looks somehow darker in light of NBC’s 1987 Sandusky interview, which resurfaced over the weekend. You’ll see it tonight, and we’ll discuss the latest developments with Philadelphia radio talk show host E. Steven Collins and with Kathleen Kane, who is running for Attorney General in Pennsylvania.


Don’t miss the Hardball Strategists, Steve McMahon and Todd Harris! From Herman Cain’s sexual harassment allegations to the Republican candidate’s views on Iran, we’re covering it all.


Plus, we’re asking author P.J. O’Rourke what he thinks about the GOP field and who he wishes was in it! 

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