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Could the person who benefits most from the House Republicans’ legislative standoff and the GOP field’s antics be President Obama? Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank and Huffington Post White House Correspondent Sam Stein are here to discuss.


Ron Paul, it’s your turn! The Libertarian Presidential hopeful is surging ahead of Newt Gingrich in New Hampshire and his numbers are strong in Iowa. But what happens if he wins the Iowa caucuses ? Will he gather steam through January or will the Iowa win be a one-off?  And msnbc Political Analyst Steve Schmidt and Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum are here to talk about Ron Paul Panic . Plus,Real Clear Politics National Political Reporter Erin McPike and the The Grio’s Managing Editor Joy-Ann Reid will discuss Iowa’s relevance.


Plus, Politifact is out with its top lies of the year! Author and political commentator Ron Reagan will help us count them down. 

Coming up on Hardball...