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Are House Republicans scoring a big victory for Democrats everywhere? The payroll tax fiasco has everyone up in arms—including the famously conservative Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. Has the House GOP finally gone too far…and is it making the Democrats look good? Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and msnbc’s Howard Fineman join us tonight.


Next up: Ad wars! Newt is fed up with negative advertising and he’s not being shy about it. We’ll show you what’s getting under his skin. msnbc’s David Corn and Michael Steele will weigh in.


We talked yesterday about what a third party run would do to the race, and tonight we’ve got new numbers from the PPP poll showing the possible effect a third party candidate would have next year. Check it out tonight with Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz and Politico’s Ken Vogel explain how the candidates would fare.  


Plus: Fmr. Homeland Security Secretary and Fmr. Gov. Tom Ridge (R-PA) joins us tonight. He’s been stumping for Jon Huntsman. We’ll ask him if Huntsman can win in New Hampshire and beyond, and we’ll get his thoughts about the Republican chaos on the Hill.

Coming up on Hardball...