Beck’s Egypt rants are ‘from nut country’


Let me finish tonight with this country’s own version of deranged politics. 

We’ve come to think of the rhetoric that comes out the Mideast as incessantly, wildly over the top.  People shout “death to this” and “death to that.”  It’s never “I happen to disagree with that gent” or “Maybe we’re looking at this thing differently.”  It’s always this guy’s the devil and I’ve god the truth of god on my side.

We shouldn’t be so arrogant on this score. There are people in the west, in our side of the world who talk with the same violence, the same hatred, the same religious absolutism as those people we see in the streets of Cairo.

One of them – Glen Beck– isn’t alone in the degree and range of his wild and rabid, bang-bang of insinuation and deranged attack.

We showed you his charges earlier.  That the Bushes, father and son, being in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood, guiding our bombers to avoid what is to be world capital of what Beck proclaims to be the coming seat of power in the global Caliphate stretching right across Europe.

So our two recent Republican presidents, Protestants the last time I looked, are really in league with the Muslim extremists.  They’re working for the re-establishment of a global Caliphate!

This is talk from nut country.  The two Bushes avoiding hitting a target in a war because they want to guard it for a future “seat of power of a global evil empire.” 

Why would they do that?  Why would any American president do such a thing as participate in the construction of a global theocratic order?

And today, Beck shifted blame from right to left.  

Beck now charges socialists and communists with joining the Bushes with pushing the cause we see in the streets of Cairo.  But wait a minute.  Doesn’t Beck say President Obama pushes the “socialist” and “communist” agenda?

I know this sounds looney.

That’s my point.

Listen to this guy.

His stuff “is” looney - looney tune. 

Beck's Egypt rants are 'from nut country'