Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Iowa Central Community College, Nov. 12, 2015, in Fort Dodge, Ia. 
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Anti-Trump petition now in U.K. Parliament

David Corn, the Washington Bureau Chief with Mother Jones, reports that an anti-Trump petition is making its way through the U.K. Parliament. 

According to Corn, “an anti-Trump activist in Scotland is putting up a petition on the British government’s petitions site calling on the U.K. government to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK, claiming that his harsh rhetoric is hate speech.”  The British government has barred people it has deemed purveyor of hate speech.

If the petition receives 100,000 signatures, the government is supposed to debate it, according to Corn.

“Right now, the petitions committee of Parliament is reviewing it.” 

Meanwhile, Molly Ball of The Atlantic says Ted Cruz’s rise in the polls is prompting a second Republican establishment “freakout”…in addition to their fears over the rise of Trump. Ball says that “virtually all the Trump supporters at [a Cruz] rally I went to said Cruz is the only other one they like.”  

Here’s why the GOP establishment is concerned, according to Ball’s reporting Ted Cruz is perceived as more strategic and potentially harder to dislodge than Trump. 

And Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post digs up two big data points showing the much-criticized Affordable Care Act is still working as designed. According to recent report from the White House, the uninsured rate in the US is now at its “lowest level ever” according to data from the Census Bureau. 

And new figures from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services reveal that more than $2.4 billion has been rebated to consumers since 2011 under the law. That’s an average of $129 per family.

Affordable Care Act, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Tell Me Something...

Anti-Trump petition now in U.K. Parliament