Ann Coulter calls ‘Hardball’ appearance a ‘mistake’


Ann Coulter wrote about her Tuesday ‘Hardball’ appearance in her latest column.

“The Edwards campaign is apparently still running low on donations, so this week they went back to their top fundraiser: me.”

“I think I may have tuned out at some point, so I can only speak to the first 45 minutes of Elizabeth Edwards’ harangue, but it mostly consisted of utterly dishonest renditions of things I had said on my “Good Morning America” interview this week and a column I wrote four years ago. (You can’t rush Edwards’ “rapid response team”!) She claimed I had launched unprovoked attacks on the Edwards’ dead son and called for a terrorist attack on her husband.”

Though she didn’t mention ‘Hardball’ by name, she did say, agreeing to go on was “a mistake I [she] won’t make again.” Read more.


Ann Coulter calls 'Hardball' appearance a 'mistake'