According to women, the GOP is a party “stuck in the past”


It looks like the GOP is starting to realize that American women are not pleased with their party.

In a new report commissioned by two major Republican organizations, including one founded by Karl Rove, the Republicans received some harsh feedback from women.  The report finds that women perceive the Republican Party as “intolerant,” “lacking in compassion,” and “stuck in the past.”

These findings are also supported by a new NBC News Wall Street journal poll. The poll shows that women voters would rather Democrats run for Congress over Republicans by a 14 point margin.  This information comes during the crucial period before the Congressional midterm elections.

Where the Republican Party stands with women does not come as a surprise.  After Romney’s loss to President Obama in the 2012 election, Republicans realized their shortcomings with this imperative demographic.  According to these recent reports, it’s clear that the GOP has a long way to go in convincing women of their merits.

Hardball with Chris Matthews, 8/28/14, 7:15 PM ET

Bad news for the GOP's outreach to women

A new report commissioned by two major Republican organizations has some bleak news about party’s relationship with women. Chris Matthews talks with Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway and the Bernard Center for Women, Politics and Public Policy’s Michel

According to women, the GOP is a party "stuck in the past"