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Momentum Continues to Grow —but are we on...

Momentum Continues to Grow —but are we on the Cusp of Change?By Yvonne Juris for PolticsNation Angela and Jamar sat down for a quick breakfast in Ollie’s Trolly, a large café decorated with iconic ornaments reminiscent of the 1950’s.  They had come from Patterson, New Jersey to participate in revered Al Sharpton’s “Justice for All” march in Washington, D.C. “We had to come here and make a statement,” Angela said. Demonstrators marched by the thousands on December 13th in major cities including Oakland, Boston, New York and St. Louis to protest police misconduct and the recent grand jury decision not to indict police officers in New York City and Ferguson, MO.On an unseasonably mild day in Washington, D.C., protestors gathered on Pennsylvania Ave. and 13th street at 10:30 a.m., carrying a variety of signs including the ACLU “Black Lives Matter” poster and shouting chants that have come to be associated with the national protest against aggressive policing.“Hands up, don’t shoot,” shouted Joseph Kent, college student at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, as crowds continued to arrive.

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