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E.g., 8/16/2017
E.g., 8/16/2017
A news org for, and by India's 'outcast'...

A news organization for, and by India's 'outcast' women

09/23/16 11:56AM

Khabar Lehariya is India's only regional newspaper staffed entirely by women from lower castes and minorities, many of whom are illiterate. The paper has recently released an online edition, expanding its audience and allowing more women to gain a livelihood as they share their voice. watch

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In 2012, the Salvation Army found that more than a quarter of Americans surveyed believed the poor were impoverished by virtue of their own laziness, rather than unavoidable external conditions. For such an important issue, it seems that people know little about it – perhaps because so much of the world’s poor population resides outside the U.S.... read more

Sen. Coons wants to stop wasting food

Sen. Coons wants to stop wasting food

09/22/16 03:39PM

Senator Chris Coons, D-Delaware, discusses a bipartisan effort to reform wasteful food-aid procedures. Sen. Coons will be addressing the Global Citizens Festival on Saturday, September 24th. watch