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Flint residents in their own words

Flint water crisis: Residents in their own words

01/27/16 09:24AM

Local and state officials have taken to the media to express outrage and voice concern over the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, but how are those who have been directly affected handling the situation? watch

Viewers set up Flint town hall watch parties

Viewers set up Flint town hall watch parties

01/26/16 09:58PM

Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of tomorrow's MSNBC town hall special from Flint, Michigan, and points out that even though the event is full, many viewers are organizing their own watch parties see the special together. watch

Snyder asks feds to cover Flint kids' health

Michigan's Snyder to ask feds to cover Flint kids' health

01/26/16 09:45PM

Rachel Maddow reports breaking news that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will be asking the federal government to provide long term health coverage for the children of Flint exposed to lead-tainted water. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver joins on the phone to explain the details of the needs of Flint's kids. watch

This Jan. 21, 2016 photo shows the water tower at the Flint, Mich., water plant. (Photo by Perry Rech/American Red Cross/AP)

What emergency? Lead pipes not being removed in Flint

01/26/16 03:40PM

It's been three weeks since Michigan declared a state of emergency in Flint, but not a single water pipe that contains lead has been replaced, NBC News has learned.The city's utilities manager and a union official confirmed that none of the costly plumbing work has been started — even though experts agree it's the permanent... read more

Wal-Mart announces water donation to Flint...

Wal-Mart announces water donation to Flint schools

01/26/16 02:15PM

Wal-Mart Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Dan Bartlett, joins Frances Rivera to discuss the free water being donated by the company to assist in aiding victims of the Flint water crisis. watch

Michigan governor emails subpoenaed

Michigan governor emails subpoenaed

01/26/16 01:35PM

Michigan State Representative Tom Barrett joins Frances Rivera to discuss the steps being taken by the state legislature and others to address the Flint water crisis. watch

Maddow discusses Flint town hall

Maddow discusses Flint town hall

01/26/16 12:49PM

The contamination of the water supply in Flint, Michigan has sparked outrage across the country. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is holding a town hall Wednesday night to discuss this problem. She joins Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC. watch

Flint officials: Lead levels appear to be...

Flint officials: Lead levels appear to be falling

01/26/16 11:26AM

Michigan ACLU Investigative Reporter Curt Guyette is one of the first reporters to bring the Flint water crisis to light. He joins Tamron Hall with latest on the lead contamination crisis in Michigan. watch

Companies to donate 6.5M water bottles to...

Companies to donate 6.5M water bottles to Flint residents

01/26/16 11:22AM

Walmart, Coca Cola, Nestle and PepsiCo are teaming up to provide nearly 6.5 million bottles of water for Flint’s 10,000 public schoolchildren for the rest of the year. In the meantime, residents and attorneys announced two new class action lawsuits against Gov. Rick Snyder and state agencies. MSNBC’s Tony Dokoupil reports the latest from Flint. watch

Residents demand justice in water crisis

Flint residents demand justice in water crisis

01/26/16 09:23AM

Flint residents grow increasingly enraged and demand answers as a water crisis continues to unfold in their city. MSNBC's Ari Melber joins Jose Diaz-Balart to explain what recent legal developments mean for the people of Flint and the local officials they hold responsible. watch

Toxic water harms potentially 'irreversible'

Toxic water harms potentially 'irreversible'

01/26/16 09:16AM

MSNBC's Tony Dokoupil reports from Flint, Michigan, where officials have reported that the water's lead levels appear to be falling. NBC's Medical Contributor Dr. Natalie Azar joins to explain the long-term health repercussions of lead exposure, particularly for babies and young children. watch

Snyder sketchy on millions in aid for Flint

EPA cracks whip on Michigan, Snyder cagey on aid money for Flint

01/25/16 09:37PM

Bryn Mickle, editor of The Flint Journal, talks with Rachel Maddow about Michigan Governor Rick Snyder picking a fight with the EPA over their jurisdiction in the Flint water crisis and his caginess on past e-mails and the apportionment of millions of federal dollars in aid for Flint. watch