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Her club gave black LGBT revelers their...

Her club gave black LGBT revelers their own space

08/07/15 04:01PM

Fearless: Since the 1970s, Jewel Thais-Williams has given the black Los Angeles LGBT community a place of their own through her Catch One nightclub. After more than 40 years, Thais-Williams stepped down from running the club in July 2015, but she reflects one more time on the club’s origins, the famous names who came through the club’s doors and... watch

In the '70s, she fused gay politics and...

In the '70s, she fused gay politics and comedy

07/23/15 03:53PM

Fearless: Comedian and activist Ivy Bottini, an early NOW activist, reflects on her influence in including lesbians in the feminist movement and being one of the first outspoken lesbian comedians. watch

He used sex parties to help stop HIV and AIDS

He used sex parties to help stop HIV and AIDS

07/16/15 12:38PM

Fearless: Alan Bell edited BLK Magazine, a monthly publication aimed at the African-American LGBT community from 1988 to 1994. In addition to running BLK, Bell also hosted a monthly safe-sex party in Los Angeles for African-American men. In the latest installment of Fearless, Bell reflects on his career in publishing and HIV/AIDS outreach. watch

Trans lawyer builds career fighting for...

Trans lawyer builds career fighting for the poor

07/07/15 12:59PM

Fearless: Criminal defense attorney Mia Yamamoto reflects on how coming out as transgender impacted her life and career, why being transgender is more "in your face" than being gay, and she shares her message for LGBT youth. watch

Christian and gay: A religious leader...

Christian and gay: A religious leader reflects

06/25/15 05:00PM

Fearless: Reverend Troy Perry founded the Metropolitan Community Church in 1968 as an outreach to the underserved gay community. Rev. Perry looks back at his personal evolution from a heterosexually-married, closeted gay man in the conservative south to a spiritual and civil rights leader of the LGBT community in Los Angeles and beyond. watch

The time gay activists took over a film...

The time gay activists took over a film screening

06/18/15 12:54PM

Fearless: Texas native Carolyn Weathers is an author and activist who helped found Clothespin Fever Press, a small lesbian book press in Los Angeles which published titles including 'Dykes Bike Repair Handbook' and 'Leaving Texas.' Weathers reflects on her life in writing and activism - including the time when she and other... watch

Gay, Latino and HIV+: An artist's activist...

Gay, Latino and HIV+: An artist's activist life

06/11/15 01:04PM

Fearless: Pioneering Los Angeles-based artist Joey Terrill discusses his influences, how being queer, Hispanic and HIV positive has informed his painting over the years, and how simple T-shirts helped give birth to his activism. watch

Image: Supreme Court Hears Arguments On California's Prop 8 And Defense Of Marriage Act

Remembering the 'fearless' members of LGBT community

06/04/15 10:45AM

MSNBC is proud to join with the It Gets Better Project and the ONE Archives Foundation to create a 10-part web series called “Fearless: How 10 LGBT Activists Made It Better,” which offers first-hand insight into some of the LGBT movement’s most crucial activists. read more

Reflecting on the life of a gay rights pioneer

03/12/15 01:10PM

Rev. Malcolm Boyd, an Episcopal priest, best-selling author and gay rights pioneer, died in Los Angeles last month at the age of 91. Early in his career, Boyd became a prominent voice in the civil rights movement, and later, a champion of gay rights. In 1976, Boyd also became one of the first high-profile religious figures in America to come out... read more