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A detail view of a pistol. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty)

State lawmakers want guns on college campus

A Republican-led House committee in Florida this week approved a measure that could allow students to carry guns and concealed weapons on college campuses — just two months after a shooter injured three people at a Florida State University library. Republican State Rep. Greg Steube, who filed the bill, said the measure would make campuses safer by allowing gun owners to intervene in shooting situations. The lawmaker said he doesn't think that law-abiding citizens who successfully obtain their firearms licenses should be stripped of their constitutional rights simply because they walked from a shopping plaza across the street to a college campus. Gun-free zones, he said, don't prevent shootings from happening, citing the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre that killed 32 people and wounded 17 more. Florida law currently prevents adults with firearms licenses from carrying weapons into various locations, including grade schools, prisons, courthouses, and polling places. In contrast to college campuses, most of those buildings, Steube argues, already have armed government officials or metal detectors present.

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