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Witness To Waco

Witness To Waco

09/04/14 05:10PM

Check out an in-depth look into the Branch Davidians, the religious cult, which came to a tragic and fiery end in Waco, TX. watch

The Mind of Manson

The Mind of Manson

09/04/14 05:09PM

Charles Manson was once known as "the most dangerous man alive." Here, Manson’s unshackled and unapologetic interview is examined by a former FBI profiler. watch

MSNBC premieres three new hours on fighting human trafficking

07/09/14 01:51PM

This July, MSNBC’s Sex Slaves: Fighting Human Trafficking series will premiere three new hours:  Sex Slaves: Polk County (Sunday, July 13th at 10 pm); Sex Slaves: Men Who Stray (Sunday, July 20th at 10 pm) and Sex Slaves:Texas Rescue (Sunday, July 27th at 10 pm).  The Today Show’s Natalie Morales is the series host and narrator. read more


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