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Annie Lobert

Q & A with "Hookers for Jesus" founder, Annie Lobert

06/26/15 02:21PM

For the past 10 years, Annie Lobert has worked to save women from the unrelenting grip of sex trafficking. That’s because, as a former prostitute and professional escort, Lobert learned firsthand about the dangers underlying the illegal sex trade in the United States. Now, it’s Lobert’s mission to help young victims through her Las Vegas-based... read more

Sex Slaves: Vegas Escorts

Sex Slaves: Vegas Escorts

06/26/15 01:35PM

MSNBC returns to Las Vegas, this time taking a hard look at the escorts services which prevail in Sin City.  “Sex Slaves: Vegas Escorts” premieres Sunday June 28th at 10pm ET. watch

Las Vegas

Q & A with Lt. Patricia Spencer, Las Vegas Metro PD

06/12/15 02:36PM

"...the public does not understand or have the education to know that 99.9% of the women are trafficked. They’re beaten. They don’t keep the money, and they are in a life that they can’t escape from. The amount of juveniles that are being trafficked is astronomical, and the community really has no idea. It’s almost like they don’t want... read more

Sex Slaves

All New Episodes of "Sex Slaves" every Sunday in June

05/29/15 01:53PM

From Florida to California, the business of sex for sale is thriving on both the street and on the internet, resulting in a $32 billion industry. With an estimated 4.5 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation around the world, it's an epidemic which is rarely discussed. Throughout the month of June, MSNBC will expose the dark... read more

Sex Slaves: Las Vegas

Sex Slaves: Las Vegas

05/29/15 12:47PM

40 million people visit Las Vegas every year for the bright lights and card games, but former call girl Annie Lobert knows that a darker secret lurks in Sin City. watch


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