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E.g., 3/1/2015
Maximum Drama: Shoot to Kill: The Ohio...

Maximum Drama: Shoot to Kill: The Ohio Animal Massacre

10/18/12 08:00PM

It’s the bizarre story of the Zanesville, Ohio animal massacre … Did they all have to die? Or could some of these endangered animals have been saved? Decide for yourself … when you hear the facts for the first time revealed by the very deputies who had... watch

Caught on Camera: Hostage

Caught on Camera: Hostage

10/10/12 08:00PM

April 4, 1991. Four gunmen are holding hostages in a Sacramento, Calif. electronics store until their demands are met—and those demands are becoming increasingly outrageous. Watch as the eight-hour standoff explodes in "Caught on Camera: Hostage." watch

Caught on Camera: They Fought The Law

Caught on Camera: They Fought The Law

10/02/12 08:00PM

When skydiving instructor Steve Jester isn’t jumping out of planes, he’s hurling himself off of things. Oftentimes, bridges. There’s only one small problem— jumping off of bridges is against the law. Will this daredevil end up behind bars? watch

Caught on Camera: Crowd Control

Caught on Camera: Crowd Control

09/25/12 08:00PM

When crowds of college students mix with too much alcohol, the result can be a cocktail of bad behavior. In this clip, house parties in Albany, N.Y. spill out into the street after an all-nighter, just before the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. But... watch


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