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10/18/13 10:04AM

Hello and welcome to the new! The MSNBC Docs team is excited to share video and written content related to our programming here on our new digital space. But we want to hear what you think, too. That’s why we’ve created a place right here on the site for your to share your opinions. Found one of our documentaries moving, thought... read more

Caught on Camera: Altered States

Caught on Camera: Altered States

10/08/13 02:26PM

One man finds a complete stranger lying in his bed…. How did he get here? And, more importantly, how will the homeowner shoo this invader out? Caught on Camera: Altered States premieres Sunday, Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. ET. watch

Sex Slaves: UK

Sex Slaves: UK

10/06/13 08:00PM

In the fall of 2007, police forces across the United Kingdom undertook the largest human trafficking investigation ever.  Their target: brothels and those who supply them with women, forced into sexual slavery, from around the world who are forced into... watch


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