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Join the MSNBC Docs team

10/18/13 10:04AM

Hello and welcome to the new! The MSNBC Docs team is excited to share video and written content related to our programming here on our new digital space. But we want to hear what you think, too. That’s why we’ve created a place right here on the site for your to share your opinions. Found one of our documentaries moving, thought-provoking, or just have a comment? Respond over at the MSNBC Docs Discussion group. read more

Q & A with Grace Kahng, producer of "Sex Slaves"

10/16/13 03:42PM

Q: What are the struggles of working in this field? A: The emotional challenge often takes the greater toll. We have met some intelligent young women and girls who have great potential to do good in the world but because of bad luck or some misfortune beyond their control, they are forced to have sex with 10 -12 men a day in order to make money to hand over to a pimp. read more

politics of power pic

Watch Politics of Power on-demand

10/14/13 02:18PM

A few of our viewers have been looking for the online clips to the documentary Politics of Power. We've posted the first part of the documentary, above. The documentary can be found in its entirety on the following cable providers' websites (authentication required). Search "All In with Chris Hayes 8.16." Comcast Verizon Dish Mediacom Suddenlink read more

Caught on Camera: Altered States

Caught on Camera: Altered States

10/07/13 08:00PM

One man finds a complete stranger lying in his bed…. How did he get here? And, more importantly, how will the homeowner shoo this invader out? Caught on Camera: Altered States premieres Sunday, Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. ET. watch