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E.g., 6/29/2016

PA Delegates Challenged Out of Primary Races

04/23/16 03:30PM

The complexity of the Republican presidential nominating process has been widely observed over the past few months.  Its seemingly byzantine rules and procedures are only complicated further by the fact that many states have different methods for allocating their delegates. In particular, Pennsylvania divvies-up its delegates in a unique way.The... read more

Sunday Primetime Political Doc Block

04/19/16 12:51PM

Primetime Sunday April 24th MSNBC airs a lineup of original political documentaries which dive beyond the headlines into the stories that are capturing the nation’s attention. The evening starts at 8:00pm ET with Citizen Trump with Chris Matthews.  Immediately afterward,Hillary Clinton: It Takes a Country premieres at 9:00pm ET. At 10:00pm ET... read more

'Cubs of the caliphate': Role of kids in ISIS

'Cubs of the caliphate': Role of kids in ISIS

04/01/16 10:53PM

ISIS is believed to be building a state that will last for centuries - and that's where recruiting and brainwashing children come in. In the struggle for hearts and minds, terror experts argue that ISIS is not unstoppable. (Part 6 of an MSNBC report 'ISIS and the Internet') watch

A look at ISIS' scare tactics

A look at ISIS' scare tactics

04/01/16 10:26PM

ISIS Internet videos aren't just to recruit fighters - they're also used to frighten and intimidate. Plus, what is Al-Shabab? (Part 3 of the MSNBC report "ISIS and the Internet") watch


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