MSNBC premieres three new hours on fighting human trafficking


This July, MSNBC’s Sex Slaves: Fighting Human Trafficking series will premiere three new hours:  Sex Slaves: Polk County (Sunday, July 13th at 10 pm); Sex Slaves: Men Who Stray (Sunday, July 20th at 10 pm) and Sex Slaves:Texas Rescue (Sunday, July 27th at 10 pm).  The Today Show’s Natalie Morales is the series host and narrator. 

Throughout the month, the series will air in three hour blocs each Sunday from 8pm to 11pm, ET.  And each week will have its own distinct theme.   

Sunday July 13th, MSNBC takes viewers to Florida, specifically, Polk County, near Disneyland.  There, viewers get an up close and personal look at the sad dark side of the Sunshine state.  For three hours, we are with Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd as he oversees a series of effective stings to help free trafficked women and arrest Johns.  Those hours are entitled:  

Sex Slaves: Florida (8 pm)   

Sex Slaves: The Sunshine State (9 pm)

Sex Slaves: Polk County (10 pm) – PREMIERE    

MSNBC Documentaries, 7/8/14, 5:41 PM ET

Sex Slaves: Polk County

Go undercover with Florida’s Polk County Sheriff’s Department as they help free trafficked women and arrest the Johns.

On Sunday July 20th, we travel west to the Golden Gate and San Francisco, where we spend three tense hours with the San Francisco Police Department as they go after the “buy” side of the human trafficking equation.  Those hours are:

Sex Slaves: The Men Who Buy (8 pm) 

Sex Slaves: The Johns (9 pm)

Sex Slaves: The Men Who Stray, (10 pm)—PREMIERE  

MSNBC Documentaries, 7/2/14, 5:04 PM ET

Sex Slaves: The Men Who Stray

It’s buyer beware in San Francisco as police go after the men who pay for sex.

Finally, on Sunday, July 27th, we focus on the enormity of the human trafficking problem in this country as we go coast to coast from Detroit to Texas to California.   Those hours are: 

Sex Slaves: Oakland (8 pm)

Sex Slaves: Motor City Teens (9 pm)

Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue (10 pm) – PREMIERE 

MSNBC Documentaries, 7/2/14, 5:06 PM ET

Sex Slaves: Texas Rescue

Houston, Texas is a human trafficking hub, but two Texans are fighting back.


MSNBC premieres three new hours on fighting human trafficking