All New Episodes of “Sex Slaves” every Sunday in June


From Florida to California, the business of sex for sale is thriving on both the street and on the internet, resulting in a $32 billion industry.  With an estimated 4.5 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation around the world, it’s an epidemic which is rarely discussed. Throughout the month of June, MSNBC will expose the dark reality of human trafficking in four new episodes of Sex Slaves, every Sunday at 10 pm ET.

The first premiere of the month, Sex Slaves: Juveniles, tackles the jarring truth that children as young as 14 years old are often victim to sex trafficking.   Sex Slaves: Juveniles premieres on June 7th at 10 pm.


June 14th: MSNBC heads to Las Vegas, watching as the Las Vegas Metro Police Department work to combat human trafficking in a city which proudly presents itself as Sin City.

MSNBC Documentaries, 5/29/15, 12:47 PM ET

Sex Slaves: Las Vegas

40 million people visit Las Vegas every year for the bright lights and card games, but former call girl Annie Lobert knows that a darker secret lurks in Sin City.

Sex Slaves: Las Vegas premieres on June 14th at 10 pm.


June21: MSNBC embeds for it’s last time with the Polk County Human Trafficking Task Force.

MSNBC Documentaries, 6/17/15, 5:52 PM ET

Sex Slaves: Desperate Games

MSNBC goes undercover with Polk County Florida’s Human Trafficking Task Force as they work to rescue women caught in the underground sex trade.

Sex Slaves: The Desperate Game premieres on June 21st at 10 pm.


June 28th: The final episode of the season takes a hard look at the escort services which pervade in Sin City.

MSNBC Documentaries, 6/26/15, 1:35 PM ET

Sex Slaves: Vegas Escorts

MSNBC returns to Las Vegas, this time taking a hard look at the escorts services which prevail in Sin City.  “Sex Slaves: Vegas Escorts” premieres Sunday June 28th at 10pm ET.

Sex Slaves: Vegas Escorts premieres on June 28th at 10 pm.

All New Episodes of "Sex Slaves" every Sunday in June