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This Weekend on Locked Up Abroad

02/26/15 01:21PM

BACKSTABBED IN THAILAND  (Sunday 3/1 @ 9 PM ET) Faced with an impending manslaughter trial, military veteran Kim Hood needs a break from life, and makes an impulsive decision to join her girlfriend’s cousin, Lisa Taylor, on a business trip to gather nail products in Thailand. She soon discovers the so-called nail supplies are really illegal... read more

Locked Up Abroad

Locked Up Abroad

02/23/15 12:12PM

Don’t miss this special documentary series. Real stories of Americans who were “Locked Up Abroad." Sundays at 9pm ET on msnbc. watch

Pot Barons: Edibles – The Food Fight

Pot Barons: Edibles – The Food Fight

12/11/14 03:10PM

Weed is legal in Colorado and people have a right to enjoy it.  And when it comes to “edible” marijuana products, everyone agrees it’s important to keep kids safe. Nonetheless, there is a huge food fight under way. watch

Pot Barons: Tripp Keber - Edibles

Pot Barons: Tripp Keber - Edibles

12/11/14 10:30AM

That marijuana sales are generating a fortune in Colorado is not really a surprise to many.  That the sale of the “edibles”  is off the charts shocked even the leaders in the industry. watch


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