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Are these pot farmers sucking up all...

Are these pot farmers sucking up all California's water?

05/21/15 12:32PM

Cannabis farming in California's Emerald Triangle has doubled since 2009, depleting streams, destroying habitat and posing a lethal risk to fish and wildlife amidst a devastating drought. Is there a greener way to grow weed? watch

Nepal: OMG DJ mobilizes OMG number of...

From club kid to organizing kid volunteers

05/15/15 04:12PM

Sudan Gurung is a Kathmandu DJ and owns a nightclub called OMG but when Nepal's earthquakes hit he turned his party promotion skills to organizing aid for local hospitals. watch

California drought: The turf terminators

The turf terminators

05/08/15 02:26PM

The California drought has some Los Angeles residents digging up their gardens. watch

The growing trend of grandfamilies

The growing trend of grandfamilies

05/06/15 11:27AM

From 1970 to 2012 the percentage of children living in grandparent-maintained households nearly doubled, according to a 2014 U.S. Census Bureau report. watch

Boxing Mom

Boxing Mom

04/27/15 11:51AM

Adrienne Ford takes her twin 6-year-old sons to work for the first time--ringside seats at the Golden Glove boxing finals to watch mommie trade jabs, hooks and uppercuts. watch

Police actions translated into "bone...

Police actions translated into "bone-breaking" dance

04/23/15 03:31PM

Theatre director Peter Sellars and Brooklyn choreographer Reggie 'Regg Roc' Gray use modern dance style, Flex, to turn police violence into theatre and dance. "Bone-breaking" dance moves show "how to survive as an African-American." watch

From undocumented to immigration lawyer

From undocumented to immigration lawyer

04/21/15 03:55PM

Silvia Mintz, a former undocumented immigrant, taught herself English by reading children's books. She became a lawyer and now guides other undocumented immigrants in Texas through the legal process as they strive for permanent residency. Mintz says strong women helped her realize her potential and that's what pushes her to help others. watch

Are Mississippi's schools in dire straits?

Are Mississippi's schools in dire straits?

04/21/15 03:49PM

A superintendent in Carroll County says he slashed his salary from $85,000 to $18,000 to better educate his underserved kids. But no one in government seems to care. Seema Iyer reports. watch